Peer educators training “Virtual feels real”

Twelve young people, representatives of local Youth Offices from Sombor, Zrenjanin, Zajecar, Novi Pazar, Blace and Uzice, had successfully completed the training for peer educators on the subject of protection of human rights on the Internet, on-line fight...

GOTV campaign by KOMS

Serbian Youth Council launched the campaign "Elections and youth participation" on 2nd April 2012.Youth participation, right to choose and influence on public decision-making are the basis of human rights. Youth participation in decision-making is enabling youth to...

Experience youth

Age discrimination was a main topic which Libero and its partners have been focusing with participants from 16 European countries on seminar “Experience youth”. In specific, age discrimination at job market and its influence on growing youth unemployment, social...

“Let’s Clean up Serbia” 2011

Members of Libero participated in nationwide action “Clean Serbia” by cleaning national resort Fruska Gora. As our organization is promoting youth participation and youth volunteerism, our members wanted to show that youth is willing to contribute in all segments of...

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