Peer educator training for high school students

Subotica, from 4th to 7th of July: “Virtual feels real” continues with its activities. During four inspiring days for 40 participants from whole Serbia this campaign moved on its next level. The idea was to train peer educators to promote tolerance among high...

„The power of a positive attitude in employment”

Is glass half full or half empty? Why optimism is important? Do optimists get more job opportunities then pessimists?  Are you optimist or pessimist? This are just some questions that we discussed  with students today during our workshop about optimism and “The power...

Libero welcomes new team members

Libero is happy to welcome new team member Lucrezia and Paulo. They join Libero team as part of  AIESEC exchange program and will stay in Serbia and our office for 5 weeks. Lucrezia is coming from Italy where she finished her Master's Degree in European and...

Apply for participation at „Career days”

Looking for a job, training or work practice? If you have not already signed up to the "Career Days" now is the time. All information on how to apply can be found at the project web page Libero participates in the project "Career Days"...

Promotion of the “HATE ME” campaign

Campaign “HATE ME” of the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been promoted in radio show “In the center of attention” at Radio Belgrade. President of NGO Libero Jelena Spasovic and PR manager of the national campaign Marija Minic were talking...

“No Hate” campaign launched in Serbia

The press conference was held today for the purpose of launching national campaign “No Hate”. Aims of our joint campaign are to promote responsible use of the Internet and social networks among young people, to reduce violence in the virtual world and create a safer...

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