By creating LOC@L Libero is committing itself to the next level of contributing to better local communities which are coming closer to EU. This is where Libero will gather all its partners and knowledge in the field, initiate future cooperations and offer it to everyone who is interested in being a part in modern, more connected and eager to grow communities.



On this link you can download "ExchangeIt - Towards regional cooperation and reconciliation" Toolkit!  “Exchange it” toolkit contains all the elements that can help organisations and institutions to successfully implement a youth exchange and thereby contribute to general development of the Western Balkans region.


yoUThILIZE e-democracy

This guide is a set of recommendations, examples of mechanisms for introducing e-democracy to young people on local level, tips and tricks intended to help local authorities to establish unique and engaging e-participation systems and strengthen active citizenship among youth.

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MakeOver Guide is designed to help your organization become sustainable and growth oriented.  By sharing with you expertise of strategic planning; staff and volunteer management; managing knowledge as most valuable asset of your organization; project management and designing communication strategies, we are guiding you on the road of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL MAKEOVER of your organization!

Aktiviraj se


AktivirajSe.info is a new and fast way to connect activists with organizations that aim to work with and for youth. If you want to find an organization that fits exactly your needs and interests, or event that is just what you're looking for then aktivirajse.info the right place for you! If your organization works with high school and want to have participants who are more interested in your issue then aktivirajse.info the right place for you.



It all started when we noticed one stunning fact, that – when we laugh we don’t need the interpretation, it’s understood in all languages and cultures. You have to admit that this is what we all need – to laugh a little beat more while being really serious about the intention to learn about each other. And that is what we’ll do. We expect from you not to be only the spectator, but also a creator. You should try it, cause it’s fun and easy!



Genderality is a campaign responding to gender-based discrimination and violence online and the “real” consequences of our “virtual” actions. Our position is that you are you, and you are free to be you. Your virtual identity is no less important than your real identity – so build it, nurture it, be you. All too often, the virtual world becomes a platform for abuse, and one with impunity. We are here to combat that – and that is why we are reaching out to you.

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