Activism is a way in which we are changing the world around us and make our communities, hoods, schools, countries better. It allows us to shape our environment according to our needs and imagination. Especially YOUTH ACTIVISM. Energy, creativity and innovation young people put in that process is out of the most significance. Nobody can contribute with those characteristics to the CHANGE, like they can. Young people, whose imagination is not bounded with social restrictions and whose creativity goes far out of the box.

However, we reach the point in which youth activism barely exist, due to lack of time and rapid development of online social life. So, if we want to empower change in our communities and shaping of our environment for the better, we need to stimulate on the spot youth activism. We need to create innovative methods which will bring back their energy and creativity in our everyday life. Wanna help us?

Please, send your applications before 30th of March. See you in Kragujevac, Serbia from 23-28th of April.

Project is supported by European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

Make a move, liberate ideas!  Call for participants_SNAP


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