We are happy to announce that the YouthEngage.net platform has been launched! It is a place that connects organizations that implement mobility activities with young people who are willing to participate in them and that allows the voice of young people to be heard on issues that concern them. This platform was developed by the CSO Libero with the support of the “ACT” project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The platform provides several functions to its users and visitors. If you access it as a member of a youth organization or a youth worker, it will offer you the opportunity to learn how to develop and implement innovative communication strategies for disseminating mobility opportunities to young people. By registering your organization and creating a public profile, you will be able to share invitations to participate in the mobility activities you conduct and thus attract more participants. Organizations that have an account on the site can also conduct online research on a statistically relevant sample using the platform mechanism.

And if you are a young person looking for opportunities for mobility, volunteering, and activism, the YouthEngage.net platform will help you easily explore, find and apply for activities that best suit your interests. You will also be able to submit initiatives to CSO Libero that will help improve the position of young people in Serbia through programs and projects that we implement.

We invite you to explore the platform and get acquainted with its possibilities!

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