NGO LIBERO participate in youth exchange: “Let’s go back to childhood”, that was held in Struga, Macedonia. NGO Libero was part of this project together with organizations from Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.
This youth exchange had a main goal, which was promoting and understanding the cultural diversities between 6 countries. More specicis aspects which were worked trough this project are the old fashion childhood games and hobbies of the participants from these countries.
Every country that had representatives at the exchange had the chance to present a part of their culture, which are these old fashion and traditional childhood games and hobbies. From these practical presentaion, guide lines and leаrning points were outlined, which will be used in the creation of a booklet. The booklet will contain description of all the games and hobbies presented, and also the positive and usefull asspects which they have on the child’s development.
For more information about project plese write to

Council of Europe
European youth foundation