From 10th to 13th of December 2022, Libero joined the gathering of the consortium members of “ACROSS” project. The transnational meeting was carried out in Belgrade, Serbia, for the purpose of informing the participants, about the progress and the next steps of the project.

The members of the consortium were presented with the report of the accomplished tasks worked in finalizing the structure for the Curriculum to be developed, including concrete methodologies for organizations on how to implement intergenerational sports activities. Furthermore, partners received information regarding the next step of the project: the pilot activities to test the Curriculum methodologies and receive feedback from the target groups involved in them. They were briefed about the task’s goal, as well about the specific actions to be taken, with specific instructions task distribution.

“ACROSS” – “Age: Connecting & Revitalizing thrOughSportS“ is a project in which youth organizations and sports clubs from Greece, Serbia and North Macedonia are joining forces to promote sports as a means of intergenerational dialogue and foster intergenerational understanding and lifelong learning through sports.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.

Council of Europe
European youth foundation