The seminar” Economy as bridge between different cultures” was held in Belgrade in period 27.-29. October 2006. It gathered 30 participants from Serbia (representatives of national minorities), Macedonia, Croatia, B&H, Slovenia. Organizations selected young, successful individuals who work in politics, media, business and NGO sector. Selection was focused on participants who are ready to work on possible ways for improvement economic regional co-operation and co-operation in all.

This seminar show that young people from different fields can easily work together on improvement of co-operation because this problem affect all of them and that they are ready to listen each other. We believe that is very important for young people to be aware of necessity of there participation in solving this problem, they need to develop “habits of cooperation” especially young politicians because they will be the one who will create policies for cooperation towards other countries.

In this purpose, through the interactive 3 day seminar, the participants learnt about state of regional cooperation in this moment between these countries, approaches in solving this problem and existing potentials for regional cooperation. Lectures pointed out some problems in this process like problem of national prejudges, slowness of states, insufficient influence of international community etc.

On the previous Libero seminar organized on same topic but just for participants from Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia we heard many times that those countries in the region need new generation on all top position. This seminar continued that idea and spread it in the region. Participants agreed that we all need to forget what was happening in the past and turn to the future and only way to do that is to have new young people to create contact and cooperate between each other.

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