It is already the second year of celebrating the International Youth Day in Belgrade, The manifestation held on August 12th on several locations in Belgrade is the only such event organized in Serbia, which is why it holds great importance to the many young people involved.

Unlike other countries who address this day as a unique celebration of the young, we use Belgrade event to pinpoint issues our youth comes to face with. Last time the spotlight was upon non-existing youth care from the state.

One of the major problems young people in our country still face is obligatory army service, which is why many young intellectuals fear of ever coming back into the country, and also why many of them leave in the first place. Adopting of certain regulation and their implementation in December last year eased this matter a bit.
We will also focus on unemployment and very low life standards our youth deals with.

The event will also be used to promote the programme of encouraging young people economically, organizing trainings on entrepreneurship for the high school students as our target group

Council of Europe
European youth foundation