The first phase of the project “ACROSS – Age: Connecting & Revitalizing thrOughSportS“ has started. It is a project supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, where youth organizations and sports clubs from Serbia (NGO Libero and Basketball club Gro-Basket), Greece (NGO MoveIt and Athletic club Panorama), and North Macedonia (NGO Idea and Swimming club Alex Delfini) are joining forces to promote sports as a means of fostering intergenerational understanding and lifelong learning through sports.

The first transnational kick-off meeting was held in Skopje, North Macedonia, from June 4th to 7th, where partners had the opportunity to map their own capacities and current practices, talk about the distribution of the tasks and define the scope of the research on capacities of youth organizations and sports clubs in the involvement of the elderly in the training programs of children/youth academies, as well as the challenges to active participation in sports from the perspective of the elderly. This research will serve as the basis for the development of the evidence-based methodologies for improving intergenerational dialogue through sports.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the next steps of our ACROSS journey!

The project “ACROSS” is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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