We’re proud to launch a new and unique toolkit called „SNAP Activism – Including High School Students in Creative Activism“. A first of its kind, the toolkit which include innovative SNAP methods of boosting activism of high school students in the 21st Century.

Today, lack of time and rapid development of virtual life, made on the spot activism almost invisible and irrelevant to young people. With these methods created on the current trends of behavior, habits and needs of youth, adjusted to the high school breaks, we aim to incite their active citizenship in the society and involve them in the processes of redesigning our environment. Activism is a way in which we are changing the world around us and making our communities, hoods, schools, countries better. Therefore, we believe that by inciting on the spot youth participation, one of the most creative and innovative segments, we are empowering change in our communities and shaping our neighborhood in accordance to our needs and imagination.

This toolkit is developed within the project Snap activism supported by European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


Council of Europe
European youth foundation