This week, seminar “Once upon a time-Fairy tales without prejudice” will start in Subotica aimed at discussing and exposing the hidden stereotypes contained in fairy tales. Fairy tales have great importance in every child s life. These stories give moral basis, distinction between right and wrong. However, these stories teach about inequality between genders and they tend to spread cultural stereotypes. Often, these verbal stereotypes support other kind of stereotypes.

Participants of the seminar “Once upon a time-Fairy tales without prejudice” will be young people from four countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia. They will analyze tales and identify main prejudices and stereotypes in order to “clean” them and re-create them.

Objectives of this seminar are to analyze fairy tales for main messages they send to children and young people, to discuss prejudice and stereotypes and their impact on society, to raise awareness on importance of stories in shaping young minds, to discuss about fairy tales as way to fight against discrimination and promote equality, to promote cultural diversity and intercultural learning by creating stories aiming to educate youth about equality and to exchange experience between young people about stereotypes they are receiving from childhood and later in education about different minority groups in their countries.

Seminar will be realized by the NGO Libero, funded by the European Commission through the Youth in Action program.

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