Seminar: “Homophobia is not macho” was held in Belgrade from 31st October to 4th. November 2007; We gather 30 young people from all around Serbia with various level of experience in this issue who are capable to lead different events and campaigns against discrimination of LGBT people and against homophobia.

Main aim of this seminar was to discuss homophobia and discrimination against same – sex – oriented minority in all facets.

Aim of this seminar also was to train people from different organizations who are working on HR issues and to help them to mainstream (to a certain extent) the problems of gay and lesbian population in Serbia by informing the public (individuals, groups, and experts) about them.


  • To discuss possibilities for cessation of discrimination in hiring gays and lesbians;
  • To discuss how to reach equal rights for gays an lesbians in all state institutions;
  • To discuss how to get introductions to schools of sexual education program that will be based on latest scientific research, so that same-sex orientation will be treated as one of several aspects of normal human sexuality;
  • To promote human rights and social cohesion of young homosexual people, to enable their meaningful participation and to foster peace and intercultural dialogue within different groups of young people empowering them to find ways of meeting the challenges in this society.
  • To analyze and note the realities of homophobia and discrimination faced by young homosexuals across the country and compare it and cross reference it with realities from the European perspective
  • To fight against all forms of homophobia;

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