“Days of Belgrade in Pula” came as a result of cooperation between two cities and their administration but mostly through cooperation between youth organizations in Belgrade and Pula.

The event lasted five days, May 26th to 30th 2004 and was organized for a number of artistic activities from both cultures, including several music performances and presentation of Belgrade touristic offer. Masters of Serbian cuisine prepared national meals and offered them to citizens of Pula alongside our popular national drinks.

A young photographer from Belgrade exhibited his work inspired by national motives, while DJs entertained the youth of Pula in two of the most popular clubs where young people of Belgrade go dance.

Representatives of youth organizations from Belgrade and Pula played opening basketball and volleyball games and then programs and activities planned for 2004.

This successfully intercultural cooperation with similar activities is planned to be continued in September 2004 in Belgrade as project named ‘Days of Pula in Belgrade’.

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