Libero on EXIT – camp NGO “Libero” in cooperation with NGO “EXIT”, organized nine days long regional project “Libero camp”, within the biggest social and cultural phenomena in South East Europe – “EXIT 02” (, festival that represents the first world cultural event in the region of SEE. “Libero Camp” was organized within the “EXIT” camp in Novi Sad, in the period of 5 -13.7.2002. Partner in this project was Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Foundation. Aim of project was for young people from Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia spend some time together in non-formal atmosphere, and through that experience to express their experiences and ideas about the topics that are close to them & of big importance to them as individuals, but also within a society. General opinion is that there are similar problems in the whole region, and that is of extremely big importance to improve regional mutual cooperation, but also with EU, and the rest of the world. Young people should be motivated and stimulated to take more personal initiatives in this process, so that the period of the transition and integration in the European institutes should be fast forwarded and improved. “Libero camp” was organized so that all the participants were placed in tents inside of camp area, in some sort of a half circle, inside of which various debates, round table discussions and workshops were organized. Besides the people from “Libero camp”, there were a lot of other people from the camp that joined every day, to voluntarily participate. Special guests were NDI (National Democratic Institute) trainer, NGO “Youth of JAZAS” and Minister of Health of Republic Serbia. There were following topics: (click on the topic title for details)

  1. Position of youth in the region
  2. Globalization
  3. Unemployment
  4. Legalization of marihuana
  6. Regional cooperation of young people in the Balkans
  7. Crime and corruption
  8. Young people and their addictions

One of most significant aspects of “Libero camp” importance is the creation of positive system values in the society. Work of “Libero camp” was followed all the time by various media. Although “Libero camp” has really been successful, the potential for its further development is unlimited.

Council of Europe
European youth foundation