The Internal Makeover training seminar that was organized within the MakeOver project was held in Vršac, Serbia, from 16 to 23 February 2019. Participants from seven countries have gathered in order to work on the internal makeover of their organizations and together with experts and trainers learn more about strategic planning and organisational management. During the training participants also got a unique chance to acquire new skills about project management, volunteer’s management, time management and knowledge transfer . All this newly acquired skills and knowledge will help their organizations to grow and become sustainable and goal-oriented in the near future. Participants of the Internal MakeOver training will implement strategic plans developed in Vršac in their day-to-day work and our experts are going to follow and support them in their efforts to bring the change to the working of their teams. In the coming months we will create a online toolkit and share knowledge gathered within the MakeOver project with all organizations and institutions that are interested in improving their work.
 Still, MakeOver project is far from completed and our participants are going to attend a second, External makeover training. The main objective of the second MakeOver training will be the external makeover of organizations through the creation and implementation of communication strategies.
Stay tuned and follow us  on our journey in which we will rethink, reorganize and remake your team’s dream!
The MakeOver project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


Council of Europe
European youth foundation