On Monday, 19.11.2012 two-hour workshop „Escape a Fake“ was held in the city government Zajecar. Workshop was held as part of the project “Virtual feels real” which aims  to promote responsible use of the Internet among young people.

Peer educators Oliver Stanojevic and Tamara Djordjevic held the workshop. The main theme was hate speech online and how young people can protect their profiles on social networking sites and how to maintain their own privacy on the Internet.

During the workshop, participants were very active and talked about their experiences.

For the first time, one grandpa joined the workshop and wanted to learn more about this topics because of his grandchildren who spend many hours on the Internet. At the end, participants rated the workshop as very useful in unusual manner, modeled by behavior in the virtual world.

The workshop continues on social networks, comments of participants you can find on Facebook www.facebook.com/VirtualnoPostajeStvarnost and Twitter www.twitter.com/VFR_LIBERO, where you can ask questions and exchange useful information!

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