Call for participants for training within the project “Compass for my virtual life”.

Training will be held from 17-23 of March, 2018 in Vrsac, Serbia.


DEADLINE for applications is 6th of February 2018


Why this project?

Human rights became basis for building European values today. Ensuring continuity of this values is something civil society works on for decades now. However, our battle is far from over. In recent times Internet and creation of new media – social media channels posed new challenges in front of human rights. Cases of hate speech online and discrimination got intensified, sometimes with very tragic outcomes. Privacy of people was brought into question. But also some positive challenges like opportunities to increase and improve participation and democracy or to use opportunities of global education. All of these challenges have responses made for “real world” but people are not aware that they apply to “virtual world” equally. CoE as institution protects HR in Europe and educate young people about them through HR education. By looking on COMPASS manual of CoE, the world most comprehensive tool for HR education, through the virtual glasses we want to fight for human rights online and we need YOUR help to do it! Every aspect of the human and citizen rights has its online dimension and with your help we can create a new umbrella approach that will enrich human rights education to tackle challenges in the virtual world!

Profile of participants

If you are:

  • Youth worker or youth activist involved in human rights education
  • Coming from Council of Europe member state
  • Age between 18-30
  • Motivated in preparing new methods for HRE online
  • Ready to commit fully to major idea of this project

You are the right person for us.

How to apply?

If you are interested to participate, please, check out the attached document for more information.

Use our online application form to explain to us why we should choose you to participate in this training.


Project is supported by European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.





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