We are looking for youth workers, stakeholders, and volunteers to support us in the co-creation of innovative tools, methodologies, and policies that will ensure the growth of e-volunteering practices and their recognition among organizations and institutions around Europe.

Welcome to the project “E-volunteering – building an online volunteering ecosystem”! It aims to enable the transformation of transnational volunteering practices, by using new approaches introduced through a sustainable e-volunteering ecosystem.  In order to achieve this we are expecting to produce the final outcomes:

1. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS on the current capacities of organizations on e-volunteering, as well as existing policies on the topic.

2. LEARNING CURRICULUM to raise the capacities of organizations and volunteers to successfully interact and deliver e-volunteering.

3. ONLINE PLATFORM, a multifunctional tool to facilitate and support e-volunteering activities.

4. POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS to promote the standardization, recognition, and promotion of e-volunteering.

Since we have successfully finished researching the capacities of organizations to engage e-volunteers and mapped policies regulating this field, it is now time for the next steps! Our Living Lab event is ahead!


This event marks the start of the Living Lab phase of the project. It will gather stakeholders and engage them in open innovation, brainstorming, and feedbacking processes focusing on the co-creation of innovations that will boost the capacities of youth organizations and their volunteers to engage in meaningful e-volunteering experiences. 

Through the Living Lab event participants will contribute in:

1. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT – you will provide valuable inputs for the creation of innovative E-volunteering curricula in the following phases of the project.

2. DEFINING THE PLATFORM’S TOOLS – you will determine what elements, tools, and functions should be included in the upcoming E-volunteering platform.

3. POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS – you will define what policy changes should be made to ensure the sustainability, recognition, and standardization of e-volunteering practices.

4. KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE – you will exchange knowledge, experiences, and skills with other stakeholders that play an important role in e-volunteering’s development.


You are welcome to apply for participation if you:

  • Are a youth worker, Youth organization representatives, NFE educator, Volunteer, Policymaker, or IT expert with experience in online or in-person volunteering.
  • Have some experienced in volunteers’ management, youth work and the NGO sector,
  • Have general knowledge of volunteering and e-volunteering practices,
  • Are familiar with characteristics and elements of online youth work,
  • Are coming from, Serbia, Greece, Spain, France, Slovenia, and Belgium (*or from countries which are CI member organizations).
  • Are ready to participate in this event in its entirety and have a decent command of the English language. 


The event will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 13.12.2023 to 16.12.2023, and the working language is English.


You can apply by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/LhQ57idCbbxhSwpb8

Deadline for applying: 1.11.2023, at 23:59 CET


Organizers will cover all costs related to travel, accommodation, and food. Participants are obliged to use the most cost-efficient means of travel. Organizers will cover travel costs in accordance with CONNECT International’s guidelines on travel expense reimbursement, depending on the country of origin.

If you are selected you will be provided with additional information on the dates, schedule and exact venue of the event. 

The project “E-volunteering” is co-funded by the European Union

Council of Europe
European youth foundation