Seminar: “Homophobia is not macho”

Seminar: “Homophobia is not macho” was held in Belgrade from 31st October to 4th. November 2007; We gather 30 young people from all around Serbia with various level of experience in this issue who are capable to lead different events and campaigns against...

Training Seminar: “Islamophobia in Serbia”

The Training seminar” Islamophobija in Serbia” was held in Novi Pazar in period 15.-20. May 2007. It gathered 30 participants with different religious and ethnic background from Serbia and B&H. Organizations selected young, successful individuals who work in...

Seminar:“Small and medium business co-operation”

The seminar “Small and medium business co-operation” was held over the last weekend of May in Nova Varos in South Serbia. It gathered 25 participants from Serbia and Macedonia. Their profile was young, enthusiastic, possibly successful individuals who work in...
Project “Za BEOgrad“

Project “Za BEOgrad“

Belgrade Youth Council and Libero organized a concourse project named ’Za BEO grad’ , setting three basic themes to be put in either positive or negative context: 1) The youth of Belgrade 2) Ecological Belgrade 3) Belgrade is the world Awardees were organized both...

The International Youth Day

It is already the second year of celebrating the International Youth Day in Belgrade, The manifestation held on August 12th on several locations in Belgrade is the only such event organized in Serbia, which is why it holds great importance to the many young people...
Project “Za BEOgrad“

Promoting EXIT

NGO Libero together with other youth organization from Belgrade and in coordination of Belgrade youth council visited Slovenia in order to promote festival EXIT. During this visit young people from Serbian had press conferance in club K4 and organized 5 parties all...
Project “Za BEOgrad“

Seminar: „Strategic planing“

After successful start of cooperation the youth organizations from Serbia and Slovenia with help of the project of ministry of Education TI POVEJ, organized seminar in Belgrade. The seminar was about strategic planning and had goal to inform the youth organizations in...
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