Training Seminar: “All Different – All Citizens” was held in Subotica, Serbia. NGO Libero together with partners from Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and with support of Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation and FOCUS foundation, gathered 27 socially active young people from 7 different countries. Participants were representatives of NGOs and political parties who are representing minority and majority groups from countries in SEE region and who were  opened minded and ready to talk openly about problems in their countries and their personal experience related to topic. During 8 days of this training seminar participants have been trained and exchanged experience about different topics like citizenship, minority rights etc. Program was non-formal education and we used books published by CoE in order to make more interactive program.

Main aim of this training seminar was to gather young people from different society groups: those representing majority and those – minority, and to discuss means, actions towards the integrated intercultural society. According to the aim of Campaign All Different All Equal, this training seminar enabled young people to participate in building peaceful societies based on diversity, tolerance, and mutual understanding with equality at all levels of society.
Objectives of training seminar:
• to promote inter-religious and intercultural dialogue among young people, from various perspectives, and to address the role of history/tradition, culture and religion in young people’s lives;
• to review why some countries seem to have achieved integrated society.
• to discuss issues that are related directly to young people who belong to minority groups.
• to understand that young people from minorities are among the most vulnerable to exclusion and self-exclusion.
• to discuss how to use intercultural dialogue to avoid tension between groups.
• To train young people from SEE to organize actions and campaign in order to solve problems of minorities.
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