Young people are seen as the most passive group when it comes to involvement in decision-making but are still recognized as the focus of all strategies for encouraging civic participation. Youth is not inactive, it is just that they need to be addressed in the right way to participate. Habits of young people have changed and moved towards the “click activism”. They believe their voice can be heard only in the online community. When motivated by their peers, using the language they understand, they are willing to do anything to support their ideas. In this project, we would like to find out how to use the channels and tools familiar to young people in offering them to be more active in decision making.

The main aim of this project is to create a youth-friendly approach to e-democracy and e-participation for ensuring young people access to decision making at the local level. If you would like to be a part of starting a revolution in decision making for youth you should have a peek at what we have prepared for you!

Location and date: Vršac, Serbia (8-14.4.2019)

If you are interested to participate please fill in your application on the following link: APPLICATION FORM


The project “yoUThILIZE” is supported by European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Council of Europe
European youth foundation