yoUThILIZE e-democracy training seminar was held in Vrsac, Serbia, from 8th till 14th April 2019. It was attended by participants from all around Europe who had a unique chance to discuss and propose  new methods and approaches that would ensure young people’s access to decision making at the local level through e-participation mechanisms.

During the first few days of training participants explored  existing methods of e-democracy and e-participation at the local level and looked at them through the “youth glasses”. Thanks to the gained insights they have developed innovative e-particpation and e-democracy methods that are going to be assembled into a step-by-step Guide  for Local Authorities to ensure the participation of young people in decision making through youth-friendly online tools.

The project “yoUThILIZE e-democracy” is supported by European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe


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