During the visit of French President Emanuel Macron to Serbia, representative of CSO Libero, Ivan Despotović, together with his colleagues from the youth organizations from the region, had the opportunity to meet with him and talk about the position of young people in the region. Six representatives whose organizations implemented projects within the programme of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office spoke with the presidents of France and Serbia about the challenges young people are facing, their role in the development of the Western Balkans and the support of the European Union in this field.

Ivan had the opportunity to introduce President Macron to the work of our organization and to presented the project “Exchange it –  Towards regional cooperation and reconciliation” in which, together with our partner CSO KYL, we worked on building the capacities of local governments, schools and youth organizations to conduct youth exchanges in the region. Macron stressed the importance of reconciliation in the region for the European integration of the Western Balkans and he also offered support to young people working on this. In order to introduce him with other challenges of the young people in Serbia, Ivan also talked about the opportunities for decent life and work in Serbia, the need for young people to be involved more in the decision-making process regarding them, as well as protection and improvement the rights of young people.


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