CSO Libero and Kosova Young Lawyers have organized “Exchange it – info days”events in Belgrade and Prishtina within the project “Exchange it – towards regional cooperation and reconciliation”, supported by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office. At the “Exchange it – info days”events, a toolkit for realization of youth exchanges “Exchange it – towards regional cooperation and reconciliation” was presented, followed by discussions on how we can further develop mobility of the young people in the Western Balkan region. The focus of this project was building capacities of stakeholders that work on realization of youth exchanges, with an intention of furthering cooperation and reconciliation in the region.

During the events the participants had an opportunity to talk about possibilities of mutual support between targeted stakeholders (High schools, Local authorities and CSOs), along with possibilities to participate at panel discussions on developing further youth mobility and youth exchange programs in the Western Balkan region. Prior to discussions, participants were presented with the results of the survey on capacities of stakeholders to realize exchange programs for young people, on top of which a toolkit for realization of youth exchanges was developed – comprehensive step-by-step instructions for organising intercultural exchange between young people. “Exchange it” toolkit contains all the elements that should help organisations and institutions to successfully implement a youth exchange and thereby contribute to general development of the region. It consists of useful information and suggestions, proposals and other data presented in simple terms and through examples.The Toolkit is available online for all organizations and institutions that are interested in organizing youth exchanges!

Download ExchageIt Toolkit for free!

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