Libero is youth non-governmental organization, established in January 2002 in Belgrade. Work of Libero is based on promotion of diversity and fight against any kind of discrimination. Our belief is that the role of youth and youth participation takes an essential part in dealing with these issues, especially on a local level. Therefore, our aim is to organize the activities which will empower young people to take their part in these actions. Our organization is connecting people with vast experience in politics and/or civic movements and every member of our team has already organized numerous events (national, regional, international) in the past. Since its foundation, Libero has been the organization that is open to the new people and new ideas. Consequently our team has been growing since and changing during those years. Libero represents an organization which is promoting regional cooperation among young people since its foundation in 2002. We had number of projects promoting cooperation and exchange among young people from the region.


Hot spotting youth rights.



Young people fully accesed their fundamental rights.




AktivirajSe.info is a new and fast way to connect Activists / activists with organizations that aim to work with and for youth. If you want to find an organization that fits exactly your needs and interests, or event that is just what you’re looking for then aktivirajse.info the right place for you! If your organization works with high school and want to have participants who are more interested in your issue then aktivirajse.info the right place for you.


Project INCLUDE ME – Creation of the Training Scheme for Prevention of Early School Leaving is running from November 2015 paralely in Slovenia, Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Portugal and Serbia as well.


was the project that Libero implemented for youth organizations from around Europe. The purpose of our initiative was to provide youth workers and activists with practical guidelines on how to use online tools for addressing conflicts. As our first step we conducted a research about all implemented initiatives and projects considering youth work and conflict transformation. We noticed that there is no systematic approach to collecting all methods developed and that there is a lack in connecting the outcomes of these initiatives.


Assistance for capacity building of the system for prevention and protection of children from violence is an integral part of the program of cooperation between UNICEF and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


Started with 12 young enthusiasts and protectors of human rights online and this way it gave its contribution to Council of Europe’s campaign “Human rights defenders online“.


It all started when we noticed one stunning fact, that – when we laugh we don’t need the interpretation, it’s understood in all languages and cultures. You have to admit that this is what we all need – to laugh a little beat more while being really serious about the intention to learn about each other. And that is what we’ll do. We expect from you not to be only the spectator, but also a creator. You should try it, cause it’s fun and easy. So, we dare you to try it


Genderality is a campaign responding to gender-based discrimination and violence online and the “real” consequences of our “virtual” actions. Our position is that you are you, and you are free to be you. Your virtual identity is no less important than your real identity – so build it, nurture it, be you. All too often, the virtual world becomes a platform for abuse, and one with impunity. We are here to combat that – and that is why we are reaching out to you.

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