Booklet “Once upon a time – Fairy tales without prejudice” was created as a result of the same named seminar organized by NGO Libero in cooperation with partner organizations and with the support of the Youth in Action program of the European Union.

The seminar brought together young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia, who are actually the creators of this booklet. There you will see 16 fairy tales – 4 folk tales from each of the mentioned countries. These fairy tales are reshaped and recreated so that there are no longer stereotypes and prejudices that they originally had. Some titles you will recognize, some of them  will remind you of those you know from your childhood, some of them are completely recreated, and regardless of whether the action of the original fairy tales is retained or not, fairy tales contained in the booklet are adjusted to children and recreated in a way that encourages children to form their way of understanding the world without prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination that had been promoted even in fairy tales.

Enjoy reading!

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