Libero is happy to welcome new team member Lucrezia and Paulo. They join Libero team as part of  AIESEC exchange program and will stay in Serbia and our office for 5 weeks.

Lucrezia is coming from Italy where she finished her Master’s Degree in European and International Studies. She decided to come to Serbia because she wanted to make an experience abroad, to discover Belgrade, and to work for an NGO related to human rights. She say she fell in love with this country and that she would like to stay here for a while.

Paulo is coming from Brazil where he studies International Relations at Universidade de Brasília.He decided to come to Serbia to have an international experience in a country so far away from Brazil with such an unique and beautiful culture and share his experience from Brazil with Serbian youth.

Libero team see this as unique opportunity to exchange experiences, learn new things and create new ideas.

With this new help, we hope we will be able to achieve our goal even faster and improve our programs for youth in Serbia even more!

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