Members of consortium within the project MakeOver have organized a series of workshops and meetings for representatives of youth organizations from their countries in order to help the dissemination of capacity building methodology developed within this project. During these meetings website was presented and representatives of organizations were introduced to External and Internal MakeOver guides. They got a chance to find out from the first hand how the Guide can contribute to making their work sustainable, more productive and more efficient and to get mentoring support from the organizations who went through the same process. Valuable feedback data during these meetings were collected that was used to improve the way we communicate the results of the project to the final users – youth organizations around Europe. At this point, more than 84 youth organizations from Serbia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Slovenia, Italy, North Macedonia and Montenegro were involved in these meetings and workshops.

The project MakeOver is being implemented by 9 partner organizations and institutions (Libero, Proni, Interkultura, Alumni Mandoulides, La Fenice, Mladi Zmaji, Prima, Kosovo Young Lawyers, Youth for Exchange and Understanding). The goal of the project is to use success stories from NGO and business sector and develop a step-by-step guide for making work of youth organizations sustainable and goal oriented. This project is supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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